Your Premier Roofing Contractors in Canton, MI

Your Premier Roofing Contractors in Canton, MI

Having a solid, well-maintained roof over your head is a major part of feeling safe and secure throughout the year. When your roof is leaking, or in need of major repairs, then it’s important to reach out to a professional roofing contractor in Canton Michigan as soon as possible.

Fortunately, if you live in Canton, MI you can reach out to the residential roofing contractors at Twelve Oaks Roofing for all of your roofing repair and replacement needs. With years of experience in the industry, and a dedication to exceptional customer service, you can count on us to handle any roofing job promptly, professionally, and efficiently, no matter the scope of the project.

Here are just a few of the services we provide to our neighbors in Canton, MI:

Roof Repairs

Even though a roof may be rated to survive up to 30 years, one bad storm can take off years of its expected lifespan — especially if strong winds or hailstones are involved. In such a situation, the only way to extend the effective lifespan of your roof is to make sure it is repaired ASAP. Of course, the nature of the repair work will depend on the damage that’s been done, and which materials need to be replaced.

At Twelve Oaks Roofing, we’ll work with you to make sure that your homeowners insurance comes through for your roof repairs; and even if you have to pay money out of pocket, we’ll make sure the job is done right at a reasonable rate. Here are just some of the roofing repair services we handle on a regular basis:

  • Shingle replacement. Localized damage to your roof can often be mitigated by replacing the affected shingles with their brand-new counterparts. Our team can provide a replacement patch that keeps water away from your roof’s underlayment and the OSB sheathing underneath.
  • Flashing resealing or replacement. Torn or loose flashing is often the cause of water leaking into your home, since it surrounds vulnerable areas like vents and chimneys. If you’re dealing with a water leak, we can quickly identify any flashing that needs to be resealed or replaced, and ensure that your flashing is waterproof once again.
  • Structural repairs. If a water leak has gone undetected for long enough, then it’s possible that some of your roof’s OSB boards are rotten, and may even be nearing collapse. The same holds true for structural beams. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and attic, and determine if there are any structural concerns that need to be addressed. If so, we’ll make sure that your roof repairs include reinforcement or replacement of those weakened elements.

Besides our roof repair services listed above, you can be confident that we’ll come out for an inspection, and subsequently repairs, in the event of an emergency roof leak. A serious roof leak needs to be addressed right away so that the rest of your home doesn’t suffer major damage, or your health takes a turn for the worse due to mold growth and other moisture-related issues. When you reach out to Twelve Oaks Roofing for emergency repair service, we’ll be at your home ASAP for a comprehensive inspection, and quickly develop and implement a repair plan that will restore your house to its original condition.

Roof Replacement/Installation

At times, repairs won’t do the trick for an old roof. In such situations, the only way to ensure your family’s continued safety within the home is to completely replace the roof. On the other hand, you may be building a new expansion onto your home, in which case you’ll need a new roof to be installed on top.

Whatever the case may be, our residential roofing contractors in Canton, MI can provide you with a high-quality roofing installation in no time at all! Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Roof replacement. Roofs don’t last forever. Whether you need a roof replacement at 15 years or 30 years, the fact is you will eventually need to have your home’s roof replaced with a newer model. Fortunately, we can provide you with a beautiful new roof that’s built with the most modern, up-to-date materials — a roof that will last up to 35 years, if cared for properly!
  • New constructions. Every new building needs a new roof to go along with it. We can install a roof according to your specifications (often within just a day), and make sure it is made out of high-quality material, whether asphalt, slate, metal, or anything else. Moreover, every new roof we install comes with a 100% lifetime warranty, and a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it.
  • Home additions or renovations. Whether you want to add a new section to your home, or just want to give a section of your current roof an overhaul, your Canton, MI roofing experts will provide exactly what you need. We can match up the new roofing shingles with what’s currently on your home, or assist you in choosing a new type of roofing material if you so desire. We can also work with your general contractor to make your vision become a reality.

Roof Inspection

There could be several reasons why you need to get your roof inspected. For one thing, it’s impossible to know what condition your roof is currently in without first thoroughly examining it. A comprehensive inspection is especially helpful right before the cold season arrives, since Michigan snowstorms often result in serious roof damage. In fact, it may be a good idea to schedule a yearly inspection in the summer or fall, just to make sure you don’t suffer from any nasty surprises in the middle of a January blizzard.

In addition, your insurance company may require a roof inspection under certain circumstances. After all, your roof is your home’s “first line of defense” against inclement weather — and if your roof has been weakened over the years, then a bad storm may cause damage to other parts of your house, instead of just the roofing system. You may need to have a roofing inspection if:

  • You’re switching to a new homeowners insurance provider
  • You’re buying a new home (either a newly-built residence or an existing one)
  • A storm has just passed through, and the insurance company is concerned about potential roof damage

Whatever your reasons for getting a roof inspection may be, our team of residential roofing experts in Canton, MI will come out promptly and deliver an accurate, holistic diagnosis of your roof’s current “health status.” We’ll also recommend what repairs need to be performed (if any) in order to extend the lifespan of your roof, and we’ll give you an honest and transparent estimate for our services.

Your Premier Roofing Contractors in Canton, MI

Other Services We Offer

At Twelve Oaks Roofing, we don’t limit our services to roof repairs, replacements, installations, and inspections. When it comes to residential roofing, we are committed to helping our neighbors in Canton, MI to the fullest extent possible. For that reason, we offer a range of other roofing services, which include:

  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance. Most gutters need to be cleaned at least once a year, if not more frequently. If you don’t have the necessary equipment to do this yourself (or if you simply don’t have the time), then give us a call. We’ll perform this task with dispatch. After all, a clean gutter results in a well-maintained roof, since there’s no place for water to pool and damage your home’s structure.
  • Gutter repair and replacement. If your gutters are old and have seen better days, then they made need to be repaired in order to continue functioning properly. Then again, they may need to be replaced. Regardless, we can help you with all of your gutter repair, replacement, detachment, and installation needs.
  • Ice dam removal and repairs. Ice buildup on your roof during winter can become a safety hazard, as well as a water damage risk. Our team of residential roofing contractors has years of experience in removing dangerous ice dams. Once we get the call, we’ll come out to your home, assess the situation, and safely remove ice dams from your roof so that they don’t put anyone walking under them at further risk. We’ll also repair any areas of your roof that have already been affected by ice buildup.

Reach Out to the #1 Residential Roofing Contractors in Canton, MI Today

If you live in Canton, MI and are in need of professional roofing services, then you don’t have to look far to find the best option available. At Twelve Oaks Roofing, we take great pride in our professionalism, our workmanship, and our commitment to exceptional customer service. We view it as an honor to serve our Canton neighbors. We will continue to do everything within our power to maintain our reputation as Canton’s premier roofing company.

Call Twelve Oaks Roofing today at 248-525-6950 to set up an appointment, or to learn more about the services we provide. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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