Why It Is Crucial to Fix Your Roof Leak in Canton Michigan Now

Roof leaks are never anything a homeowner wants to deal with. But even the most well- maintained roof may end up with a leak during its lifespan. No matter how minor the leak may seem, you should never put off fixing it. Otherwise, you may be opening yourself up to lots of dangerous and costly problems. Most roof leaks in Canton Michigan are not as expensive to repair as many may think. In fact, the average cost of a simple roof repair is less than $600. Compared to the amount of damage that can be done if you wait on repairs it’s quite a bargain.

Why It Is Crucial to Fix Your Roof Leak in Canton Michigan Now

Having a small problem on your roof that needs to be repaired is typically relatively inexpensive to repair. However, if your home’s roof has widespread damage because of an event such as a hail storm you may have a higher priced repair. In some cases you may even need a completely new roof installed on your home. In either case, dealing with the problem quickly is a must or you could be putting your entire home at risk.

Why It Is Crucial to Fix Your Roof Leak in Canton Michigan Now

Here are some tips to help:

Quickly Escalates

Roofs are a huge part of your home’s overall defense. But once there is damage to it, the issue can quickly escalate and lead to lots of other problems.

Water Damage

Water coming through your roof can collect in your attic and soak through your ceiling. It can also end up in your walls, depending on where the roof leak is. This can not only cause water stains in your home, but also lead to significant hazards. Leaks can cause water to come into contact with wiring, which can lead to short circuiting or even electrocution. Depending on the voltage, this can be a minor zap, or a serious shock that can hurt you or even kill you. The contact with wiring can also cause sparks which can lead to flames and a fire in your home. This can be a major threat if you aren’t aware of an issue and have no reason to expect a fire is possible.

Structural Damage

The water that comes through the leak in your roof can also impact the structural supports in your home. This is because the moisture promotes warping and rotting of the wood beams. Over time, the damage to the structural supports can make it difficult for them to do their job properly. When the supports cannot hold up your roof, it can cause sagging and eventually can cause cave ins. This can not only be costly, but incredibly dangerous to those inside.


Mold is commonly found in areas where there is sitting moisture. This mold can start off as a small spot, but quickly grow and spread throughout the area. Spores can also travel through the air and move throughout your home. This means that the mold can grow throughout your entire home and everything inside it.

Mold, especially black mold, is incredibly dangerous for anyone around it. Because it can take a while until the mold fully shows in your home, you can be living with it for months undetected. This means you are not only exposing yourself to something toxic, but can cause you to have health issues like allergies, respiratory issues and skin irritation. Mold is also incredibly hard to remove from porous materials and they may have to be removed completely to fully get rid of the infestation.

High Costs

The longer your leak is able to exist, the more problems that come with it. What can start out as a simple hole in your roof can end up with damage throughout your home. This means that you are looking at a much higher cost for fixing the issue, than if you had simply fixed the leak when it first occurred.

If you have a roof leak and are concerned about the costs that are involved in repair or replacement for the roof be sure to call Twelve Oaks Roofing at 248-525-6950. They offer free quotes on roofing projects so you’ll know how much the repair or replacement will cost. They also offer financing with easy payment plans to help.

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