Tips to Save Money on Your Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

Tips to Save Money on Your Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

If your roof is failing and you’re continuing to put off getting it replaced simply because it’s so expensive, there may be some options available to help you. Most roof replacement projects can cost over $4,000 and many home owners simply don’t want to put that much money into a roof. There are some things you can do when getting a roof replacement in Canton Michigan which can help you save money on the roof install. And you’ll have a great roof after the project is complete.

Tips to Save Money on Your Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

The biggest mistake people make when getting a roof replacement project done and they start checking on prices is that they go with the lowest bid. While sometimes this approach can work great and you can save a lot of money it can also open you up to all sorts of problems. Make sure you’re working with a qualified roofer and not just some guy off the street because while you may get a roof installed it may not last and worse yet it may not even be covered under a warranty.

Canton Mi Roof Replacement

It’s always best to compare roof pricing quotes when selecting a contractor. If there are quotes which are well below everyone else it means they likely aren’t including something or using low quality products on your roof. When you get a written quote from a roofing contractor then you’ll be able to compare the different contractors. With that being said, once you’ve selected a great roof contractor for your roof replacement here are some ways you can save some money on the roof replacement.

Roofing Materials Make a Difference

Having good quality roofing materials installed on your home can give it more curb appeal and a more value. Not only that but higher quality roofing materials usually means a better, more inclusive warranty on the roof that can last much longer. But you can still get a great roofing material at lower costs. Consider using three tab shingles instead of architectural or dimensional shingles. This change along will help you save money on the materials cost for the new roof.

Consider a Re-Roof or Roof Over

Another way to help you save money is by leaving the old roof in place. There is a process for roofing installation known as a re-roof or roof over. It’s done when there is a single layer of roofing installed on the home. A new layer of asphalt shingle roofing is placed directly on top of the old roof. This process eliminates labor costs of removing the old roof as well as debris removal and disposal costs for the old shingles. Only two layers of shingles are allowed on a home so if your home has already had a re-roof done, you won’t be able to take advantage of this tip.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Roofer in Canton Michigan

Ask About Specials and Discounts

Are you a military veteran or a senior citizen? Many roofing contractors have discounts in place which you may be able to take advantage of. Make sure to talk with the roofing contractor about these discounts and see if you qualify for any which can help save money on your roof.

Ask About Discounts for Waiting on the Roof Install

During the summer and spring months roofing contractors are typically busy. Once the snow and ice start falling the roofing industry slows down considerably. So during these warmer months roofing contractors get pretty backed up. Some will offer discounts if you allow the roof replacement to be put off until a later date. They may also want to do the work on a weekend. This may be a great option if your roof isn’t leaking and you can wait a bit for the roof replacement.

Consider Getting the Roof Financed

It’s no secret that getting a new roof installed on your home can be expensive. While many of the tips above can certainly help you save money on your roof replacement you may also want to get the project financed. Roofers such as Twelve Oaks Roofing offer great financing options that can help you get a new roof fast and with great financing options. Some of their options are even no money down. Give them a call today at (248) 525-6950 for a free quote on your roof replacement as well as information on financing your roof replacement project.

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