The Roofing Services Available in Canton, MI

The Roofing Services Available in Canton, MI

Every homeowner needs a good local roofer they can count on. Roofing services are essential to home maintenance. Here in Michigan, the seasonal storms and heavy snows wreak havoc on your shingles. Shake and asphalt composite shingles will bend, break, and blow away in high winds and soften if exposed too long to remelting snow piles. Every homeowner should have a roofer in Canton MI on-call for inspections and quick roof repairs before any storm has a chance to cause lasting damage.

When maintaining your roof, it’s important to know your options. Homeowners often don’t know which roofing service to ask for when it comes time for maintenance visits or roof repairs. So we’ve put together a full list of roofing services you can in Canton, MI to take good care of your home.

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The 5 Types of Roofing Service

There are 5 types of roofing services to choose from, based on your roof’s age and damage.  You will likely need a range of these roofing services for your Canton, MI home over the years.

  1. Maintenance Roofing

    • Maintenance is the sort of roofing all homeowners need, even with perfect weather.
  2. Repair Roofing

    • Roof repair includes inspections and repairs of common roof damage and long-term decay.
  3. Emergency Roofing

    •   Emergency roofing is quickly scheduled and prioritizes the family’s health and safety.
  4. Roof Installation

    • Roof installation focuses in completely building and surfacing a new roof or replacing a old roof.
  5. Roof Remodeling

    • Roof remodeling allows you to add skylights, dormer windows, etc. to an existing roof design.
Roof Features to Consider During Your Next Canton, MI Roof Installation

Maintenance Roofing Services

Roof Inspections

The beginning of all roof maintenance is a roof inspection. A professional roofing team can send a structural expert to inspect both the outside surface and the attic underside of your roof. Any problems with your roof can be identified and repaired starting with an inspection. Your inspector will examine the roof and connecting structures closely for signs of damage, decay, or plant growth.

Good times to get an inspection are early Autumn, late Spring, and after any particularly bad storm or spat of hailstones. A quick inspection can ensure that your roof has no lurking roof damage that can cause further harm if left unrepaired.

Shingle Replacement

Not all of your shingles will last the full 15-30 years of a roof’s lifespan. Some will bend, snap, or break off in the weather, especially in Michigan weather. These will need to be replaced every few years to rebuild your roof as a complete protective shell against the elements.

Consider shingle replacement a regular maintenance task. It’s not always clear when or how shingles get damaged, but a few inevitably do over time for every house.

Gutter Cleaning and Securing

Some homeowners can handle their own gutters but most prefer to leave gutter maintenance to the professionals. Many roofing services also offer seasonal gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, and gutter upgrades to local homeowners. Your roofers are also uniquely equipped to firmly secure your gutter to the eves without damaging the roof or outlying shingles.

Roof Cleaning

Some roofs neatly shake off everything that falls on them, some are constantly picking up heaps of snow or deep beds of leaves on the surface. If your roof tends toward moss growth, leaf piles, or snowdrifts, you can ask your local roofers for roof cleaning services. Brushes on very long poles and a little roof expertise can quickly clear your roof of unwanted buildup. Roofers also have a few tricks to help prevent the next case of buildup in the future.

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Repair Roofing Services

Shingle Repair and Replacement

Shingle repair occurs when your shingles are damaged and need repair. Weather and activities can break the shingles on your roof. Hail bruises and cracks shingles. Wind bends, lifts, breaks, and removes shingles. Tree branches and other impact debris can break many shingles all in one place. If this happens, a shingle repair service can quickly replace or repair the shingles across your roof for a quick touch-up or an extensive durability improvement depending on the state of your roof.

Roof Patching

Roof patching service is the application of a large number of shingles in a specific area. This can close a hole in your roof or repair extensive localized damage. If a tree branch hits your roof, a roof patching service can replace all the shingles around the impact area, layered together in a new patch of roof section. Roof patching is also used to repair rotted spaces that were damaged by the moisture of leaf and snow piles stuck on the roof for too long.

Gutter Repairs

The gutters often take damage from weather and human activities. If your gutter has come detached, is hanging loose, or is too dented to flow freely, call for gutter repairs. Gutters can be resecured, upgraded, or fully replaced with new gutters that are more sturdy and resistant to snow and leaves.

Sagging Roof Repair

Over time, a roof may sag along the valleys or ridges. This is usually the result of long-term decay of the beams, dry rot or mold deterioration. A roof that can be seen to sag from a distance is one in need of structural repair. Your roof should not be walked on and the beams in the attic will need to be inspected very carefully. Replacing rotted beams or rebuilding the underlayment of the roof may be necessary to repair a sagging structure.

Storm Damage Repair

  • Wind Damage Roof Repair
  • Hail Damage Roof Repair
  • Tree Branch Impact Repair
  • Roof Reconstruction

Storm damage encompasses a wide range of repairs because storms do such a wide range of damage when they blow through. The storms here in Canton MI can range from little snowy gusts to Wizard of Oz windspeeds so it’s worthwhile to know your storm damage services. The most common storm damage repairs are shingle replacement from wind and hail damage. However, if you are dealing with extensive roof damage, roof peeling, or tree branch impacts then your storm damage repair may be treated as an emergency for the sake of your family and the safety of your home.

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Emergency Roofing Services

Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

Roof leaks are the single most common roof repair emergency. Leaks occur when one too many shingles has blown off your roof and the weatherproof seal is no longer complete. The next rain or melt-off then allows moisture to seep through the roof and travel down the walls to cause internal leaks. This is a terrible source of water damage and means your home is not safe during bad weather.

Roof leaks are often called in and treated as emergencies because the integrity of the house is at stake. The longer the leak is allowed to continue, the more damage is done so your roofers will rush right over to find and stop that leak.

Emergency Roof Reconstruction

Some roof damage is so extensive that the family can’t live in the house until the roof is rebuilt. Emergency roof reconstruction occurs when there is a roof disaster – a section falling in or collapsing under a tree. If you need some or all of your roof rebuilt because the house is standing wide open, this is an emergency and will be treated as such. Until your roof is complete and your home is safe to live in again, your roofers will work quickly to rebuild the structure and integrity of your roof after the damage.

Emergency Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Every year, one of Michigan’s major storms will cause some emergency levels of roof damage. Tree branch impacts or extensive shingle loss can leave a roof open and unsafe for habitation in the home. If a storm has left your roof in disastrous condition, call for emergency storm damage roof repairs right away. Your roofing team will strive to get your home back to livable and weatherproof condition as quickly as possible so you can return to comfort and safety of your house.

Urgent Roofing Services

Some roofing services are just urgent. Maybe you need a minor repair but you need it this very weekend before buyers show up to inspect. Maybe your spouse will flip their lid if you don’t get those gutters reattached before they return from a business trip When you call in a hurry, we treat your roofing like an emergency. Ask for a rushed service from your roofers and they’ll do their best to bump your schedule up to ‘today’ and get the work done within your urgent timetable.

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Roof Installation Services

New Roof Installation

Every new home needs new roof installation. When you finish building a house, a shed, or a guest house, any structure in a residential area will need a new roof installed. New roof installation involves choosing your roof style, your shingle type and color, and any special features you want built into the roof like skylights or vents. Your team of local roofers can handle a new roof installation in just a few days.

Roof Replacement

Every home will eventually need roof replacement. Roofs last between 15 and 30 years depending on the shingle and the local weather. Roof replacement services will be needed each time your roof wears out and it’s time to install a new one. Your roofing team can have that old roof off and a new roof back on within a week of hard work and this is a great opportunity to make a few stylistic changes along the way.

Roof Remodeling Services

Finally, there’s roof remodeling. Some homeowners choose extensive remodeling projects, from updating the kitchen to building extensions on the home. You can also remodel the shape and features of your roof. You can add dormer windows or install a skylight. You can roof or carport to extend the roof or you can even build decorative roof details on top. Your roofers are available for roof remodeling projects to shape and reshape your roof to your satisfaction.

Roofing Services in Canton, MI

Finding the right roofing services for your home isn’t difficult if you have a team of roofers you can trust. Most great roofing teams offer the full range of services, from minor shingle repair to roof replacement and remodeling. Michigan roofers also specialize in storm damage repair, both casual and emergency repair services, and can make suggestions to make your roof more resistant to future seasonal storms. You can count on your local Canton, MI roofers for all your home’s roofing needs.

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