The Effects of Hail Damage in Canton Michigan to Your Home’s Roof

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With the arrival of spring and warmer weather here in Canton Michigan, the threat of severe weather starts to intensify. While high winds are one of the main threats when it comes to your home’s roof and how it can become damaged one weather element that you should also consider is hail. As hail falls it can lead to all sorts of damage on your home’s roof. Learn what you can do to protect your home and what you should do when your Canton Michigan home is affected by hail damage.

The Effects of Hail Damage in Canton Michigan to Your Home’s Roof

Protecting your home from hail damage can sometimes be a lost cause. There are roofing materials that are made to defend your home against hail damage and other impacts. These products are called impact resistant shingles and while they do work, they are costly and many times not used in roofing homes in this area. Even a new roof is subject to hail damage and if you think your home may have sustained damage from hail be sure to call one of the top Canton Michigan roofers for a roof inspection. At All Point Construction they can repair or replace your roof if needed. But first, they will do a roof inspection to determine your best outcome. They also provide free quotes so you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay before the project begins. Call them today if your home has hail damage at 734-407-7110

The Effects of Hail Damage in Canton Michigan to Your Home's Roof


The average repair cost for hail damage to a roof is between $500 and $1000 per 100 square foot of roof. Variables will include the type of roofing materials, the severity of damage and damage to things like gutters and skylights as well as contractor costs. If you need to replace your whole roof, the cost could range from $4,900 to $15,000 on average.

Assessing Your Roof

  • Hail is more likely to cause accumulative damage that greatly lowers the lifetime of your roof, than it is to cause catastrophic or even obvious damage. It is in your interest to assess your roof after a hail fall. Be sure to do so safely with any proper protective equipment necessary.
  • Asphalt shingles can provide a few tell tale signs as well as some difficult to spot hail damage. These signs are bruising, denting and loss of asphalt granules. You can also check your rain gutters for granules. Some damage to asphalt shingles and to the roof material underneath them can only be assessed by lifting or pulling off the shingle to inspect the back and the material underneath.
  • Shingles that have been knocked loose, chipped, torn or shattered will need to be replaced. Failure to do so will eventually result in leaks and wood rot.
  • Check gutters for dents, blockages and tearing. Gutters may have been torn down completely during hail fall.
  • There may be damage to skylights, air-conditioning units, antennas, satellite dishes and anything else situated on your roof during the hail fall.
  • Once you have done a personal assessment and feel you may need your roof repaired, get an expert opinion. A professional will be able to assess damage that most homeowners do not even know how to look for. They can give you an educated opinion on how bad the damage actually is. You may not even need repair work just ye

How To Avoid Hail Damage

  • Hail comes in sizes ranging from pea-sized to baseball size. These all fall at different speeds that can exceed a hundred miles per hour. Which can sometimes damage almost anything it contacts.
  • Using specialized rubber roofing with durable material underneath can greatly enhance your resistance to hail. You can also use impact resistant shingles that are more sturdy and hold up better against hail.
  • If you are having your house built, or in the process of having your roof replaced, greater slopes on your roof can mitigate damage from hail.
  • All types of roofing have different resistances to hail. It isn’t only what sort of shingles you use, but also the material’s properties beneath the shingles.

If your home has been damaged by hail it’s important to get it repaired as quickly as possible. Small holes can develop on the roof after it has been damaged by hail and will eventually end up leaking water into your home. Don’t take chances with your roof, get roof repair in Canton Michigan today if your home has been affected by hail.

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