The Best Ways For Finding A Roof Leak in Canton Michigan

The Best Ways For Finding A Roof Leak in Canton Michigan

When it comes to roof leaks, there’s no reason to neglect getting it fixed immediately. Roof leaks in Canton Michigan can be completely unpredictable and they can become worse and worse, causing plenty of damage to the roof of your home and your home itself. Just because a few simple drops of rain are coming from a hole in your attic, it doesn’t mean it’s not continuing to do damage to your home and roof. Many homeowners choose to ignore roof leaks when they first happen, which is never a good idea. Especially knowing the dangers they can cause in the long run.

The Best Ways For Finding A Roof Leak in Canton Michigan

Finding roof leaks can be easy or complicated, there’s no way we can just say go look at the corner of your homes roof and you’ll find the leak from your roof. You have to end up doing a roof inspection to find the sole cause of your roof leak and go from there. Leaks aren’t always the easiest to spot, even if you do an inspection since they can be a small crack or hole on your roof allowing water to seep in, you won’t always be able to find it. Hiring a professional roofing company to find the leak for you could be a huge advantage as it could save you time. But if you’re not worried about time, then look over this article as we explore the best ways for finding a roof leak.

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Missing or Broken Shingles

This can be a given when it comes to a roof leak, if your homes roof has missing or broken shingles then it can be a big indication that the roof leak lies in that area of your homes roof. Broken shingles aren’t always easy to spot from your yard, so it may be best to inspect your roofs shingles in a close up manner. If you’re not comfortable with going on top of your roof, then consider hiring a professional roofing company to do a roof inspection for you.

Gutter System Has Failed

Gutter systems are tied to your roof as they help keep water from damaging your roof and exterior on your home. If you notice any problems with your gutter system, or they’re just clogged up, check those areas near the edge of your roof as this could be the reason your roof is leaking. If your gutters become clogged up, water can’t flow properly and could begin to form a pool of water on the edge of your roof. This can lead to water damage and a roof leak if sat long enough.

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Bad Flashing On Your Roof

Flashing goes around HVAC systems on your roof such as your chimney, roof vents, skylights, and more. Checking this flashing to ensure it’s not damaged is a good way to find a roof leak. As time goes on with harsh weather, the sealant used to connect your roofs flashing to your roof can become old and damaged, allowing water to seep in. Flashing is metal too, so there’s a chance it could start rusting if it’s old.

Problems With Your Roofs Valleys

Roof valleys are typical to getting roof leaks if the shingles are not installed properly. This is when two roof planes joint together. If you’ve recently had a roof replacement done and found a leak soon after, checking your homes roof valleys could help determine if it was the contractor’s fault or not.

Chimney Is A Suspect

Chimneys are notorious for causing roof leaks, chimneys have 4 types of flashings around them and if they’re not properly installed, you could find yourself with a roof leak. Chimneys can also crack, so it’s common practice to inspect your chimney to ensure there’s no cracks that could allow water to seep in.

Roof leaks can certainly be a nuisance. They can show up even in the most inconvenient times and although they can be tough to find, they typically aren’t that hard to spot. If you’re searching for a leak that’s coming from your homes roof but can’t seem to find the cause, then hiring a professional roofing company such as Twelve Oaks Roofing to find the leak could be a great advantage to you since they know what exactly to look for. Call them today at (248) 525-6950 for a roof inspection on your home.

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