Signs It Is Time for A Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

Sometimes it is easy to tell when you need to replace your roofing in Canton Michigan. But other times, it can be hard to tell if you need a full replacement, or a repair will do the job. To make the decision clearer, there are certain signs that make replacement the obvious choice. If you notice any of these signs on your home’s roof it’s best to talk with a qualified roof contractor about the roof. Typically, many of the roofers will offer options for repair or replacement as well as a pricing estimate for each.

Signs It Is Time for A Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

If your roof does have one of these signs it’s best to take action right away. Delaying action can mean more damage to your home as well as many other problems that can quickly add up in costs. Getting a roof inspection quickly to determine the extent of the damage is important and if you need a full roof replacement there may be financing options that are available to you. Even if you only need a roof repair and delay action you may end up needing a full roof replacement. You may also have mold in your home which would need to be removed. With that being said, be on the lookout for these signs that it is time for a roof replacement on your home.

Signs It Is Time for A Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

Your Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

Roofs are designed to last between 20 and 30 years before needing to be replaced. If your roof has hit that 20- year mark, and you notice there is damage to your roof, it is better to just replace it, rather than doing repairs. After twenty years, the materials are weaker and more prone to damage, so repairs can end up being more of a Band-Aid than a long- term fix.

You Are Having to Make Frequent Repairs

If you have notices that even with regular maintenance, you are still making repairs frequently, that can be a sign of a larger problem. The only way to completely eradicate this problem can be to remove the existing roof entirely and install a new one. Otherwise, you can end up paying a lot of money on repairs for years, without any real success. This can also open you up to moisture and structural damage in other parts of your home, making it important to eliminate the issue entirely.

The Cost of Repairs Is Close to The Cost of Replacement

You should look into the cost of roof replacement as a homeowner so you know what to expect when the time comes. Knowing roughly how much you would have to pay for a roof replacement is also helpful when trying to decided whether to do repairs. If the cost of repairs is too close to the cost of a roof replacement, it is obviously the smarter investment to go ahead and start fresh to get the most for your money.

Structural Issues

If there are issues with the structural integrity of your roof, you may need to have the roof replaced, no matter how good the covering is. This is because the structural beams support your roof and keep it in place, making it hard to work on these beams while a roof is still weighing on it. By removing the existing roof to fix the damage, you also make sure you are taking care of the entire problem fully. Otherwise, you are subject to huge safety hazards, including collapsing.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is extremely important for homeowners to both help you save money and the environment. If your roof is experiencing leaks, or you want to switch to more energy efficient materials, you should consider roof replacement. This will help you to save a lot of money on your monthly heating and cooling bills, as well as make your home more comfortable to be in overall. You can even look into reflective shingles or metal sheeting to help prevent heat absorption, and increase durability by reflecting UV rays, rather than absorbing them.

If you’re concerned about your roof it’s always best to employ the help of a roofing contractor. One of the best roofing contractors in Canton Michigan is Twelve Oaks Roofing. Give them a call today at 248-525-6950 for a free quote and schedule a roof inspection for your home. They can also help with financing if you need a new roof on your home.

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