Save Money and Energy with a New Roof in Canton Michigan

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When you are considering installing a new roof on your home it can be a very difficult decision. A new roof in Canton Michigan is an investment like any home improvement project but without a good roof your entire home can be in jeopardy. There are things that you can choose about your roof that can help you get more out of your investment however. We’ll list some things that can help you save money and energy on your new roof installation in Canton Michigan.?

Save Money and Energy with a New Roof in Canton Michigan

A new roof can give you the security of knowing that your home is protected. Not only your home but everything in your home as well. Imagine what would happen if right now you had a major roof leak in the middle of your living room. Chances are many of the furnishings in those rooms would be damaged. On top of that the ceiling and walls of the home will likely be damaged as well making the home unsafe and needing repair. Having a new roof installed on your home can take away the worry and you can rest assured the roof is protecting your home and family. But it can also help to protect your energy bills as well. Here’s how a new roof can help you have a more energy efficient home.

Save Money and Energy with a New Roof in Canton Michigan

Better Insulation in Your Roofing

Keeping the cool in during the summer and the heat in during the winter is what makes your home energy efficient. And to do that it takes a well insulated home. There are options that are available that can help you add more insulation to your new roof which can help to increase the home’s R-value. So better insulation can help to keep that cool air in the home during summer when it’s steaming outside. Insulation is not always added during a roof installation and you may need to inquire about adding insulation to your new roofing project in Canton Michigan.

Better Ventilation for Your Roofing

It may seem like something that you should not do after adding lots of insulation to the roof but having a well ventilated roof can really help with your energy costs. In the summer months the attic in your home can get extremely hot and if it’s not well ventilated it can cause all sorts of problems, not just making your home more difficult to cool down on hot summer days. The heat and humidity stays in the attic and can affect the roof decking and structural components of the roof. This means that you can also have mold damage in the attic even when you don’t have a roof leak. The moisture and humidity can also make the roof age prematurely and cause problems. Make sure the roofing on your home is properly insulated as well as ventilated to get the most from your energy dollars.

Installation of a Radiant Barrier

A special material placed during the roof installation project in Canton Michigan is called a radiant barrier. It works by reducing the heat transfer from the roof to the attic. Installing a radiant barrier can decrease the temperature in the attic which can help in summer months with energy costs and cooling needs for the home.

Choosing a Shingle Color to Reflect Light

Another great way to save money on energy costs is to choose a shingle color that reflects light. A lighter color shingle color can help keep the attic cooler during the summer months. Alternatively, choosing a darker color will keep the attic warmer. It’s however best to try to keep the attic cooler as the cool air will go down and affect the home while the warmer air in the attic may not sink to lower levels of the home. Using a radiant barrier as well as choosing a lighter color shingle material is best and can give you the most benefit.

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It’s always best to talk with a roofing expert about your specific needs when it comes to getting a new roof installed in Canton Michigan. Talk with the experts at All Point Construction which offers free roofing consultations in Canton Michigan today to learn more by calling 734-407-7110.

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