Roofing Components to Consider When Getting a New Roof Installed in Canton Michigan

Roofing Components to Consider When Getting a New Roof Installed in Canton Michigan

Getting a new roof installed in Canton Michigan is an important decision that requires careful consideration and a bit of research. Not only does it involve choosing the right roofing contractor to do the job, but also selecting the correct materials as well as any additional components for your roof which we’ll cover in this post.

From shingles to underlayment, there are several different factors to consider when getting a new roof installed and some of these factors should also include additional roof components. We will explore some of these additional roofing components and discuss how they can affect the overall performance of your roofing system and what functionality they may add. By understanding each component involved in the installation process, you can ensure that you make smart choices when it comes time to get your new roof installed in Canton Michigan.

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Gutters and Downspouts

One of the more popular roofing components in addition to the roof itself is gutters. Gutters and downspouts are essential components of a roofing system that ensure proper drainage of water from the roof. Without a gutter system, water may pour off the roof during heavy rains and damage landscapes and even the home itself. It can also make home access points such as doors less accessible during rain. Be sure to select gutters and downspouts that are constructed from durable materials such as aluminum. Some roofing contractors will offer free gutters when installing a new roof as a promotional item.

Roofing Ventilation

Another important roofing component to consider is ventilation. Properly ventilating your roof can help improve the airflow beneath it, preventing warm air from accumulating and causing excessive heat within the attic or other areas of the home. This type of ventilation also helps reduce moisture buildup which can cause mold growth and damage to wooden framing. While there are several types of ventilation systems available, ridge and soffit vents are the most popular for residential roofing.

You may also opt for other ventilation components such as attic fans which are designed to also help with cooling your home during summer months. In any case, you’ll want to ensure the roof is properly ventilated since it can lead to mold growth and roof failure if not done properly.

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Roofing Insulation

Insulation is another important component to consider when installing a new roof in Canton Michigan. Insulation helps control temperature within the home as well as contributes to energy efficiency by ensuring that heated or cooled air does not escape through the roofing materials. There are several different types of insulation available and depending on your budget, you may want to opt for higher-end materials such as spray foam insulation or blown-in insulation to maximize results.

Rain Diverters

Rain diverters are a type of roofing component that is designed to divert rainwater away from certain areas of the home. These can be installed along the eaves of your roof and help keep water away from windows, doors, and other access points where it could cause damage. Rain diverters come in various shapes, sizes, and materials so you choose which is best for your home. Rain diverters can also be installed even on your home’s existing roof much like gutters.

Roof Ice Dam Protection

Roof ice dam protection is a must in a climate such as we have here in Canton Michigan. Roof ice dams can cause damage to roofs by letting water seep through shingles and causing rot or mold growth. To prevent this from happening, you can have the roofer install either self-adhesive membrane strips along the eaves of your roof or an entire sheet of rubber to protect the eaves of the home.

Use a Good Roofing Contractor

It’s important to hire a good roofing contractor when installing any new roof or components. A good contractor will have the experience and knowledge needed to provide quality workmanship with minimal disruption to your home or property. One of the best roofers in Canton Michigan is Twelve Oaks Roofing. They offer free consultations and can guide you through the entire roof replacement process and answer any questions you may have.

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