A Roof Inspection in Canton Michigan Can Certainly Help You, Here’s How

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Protecting your home each and every day from the weather elements is something your roof does everyday. When it’s performing as it should it usually does this task without a second thought from most home owners. But over time the wear and tear of weather constantly attacking your roof shingles can have a disastrous effect. One way to keep a better idea of just how your roof is performing is get a roof inspection in Canton Michigan. A roof inspection can help you prevent problems on your roof and much more. We’ll go over just why getting a roof inspection on your home is so important in this post.?

A Roof Inspection in Canton Michigan Can Certainly Help You, Here’s How

Chances are, you’ve already had a roof inspection done on your home at one point. Most homes sold today first get a home inspection which usually includes a roof inspection to allow potential buyers to know just how much work may be needed to the home. While this type of inspection may be able to help sell your home or something you get when you buy a home it’s also a great way to protect your home. A roofing inspection goes over key areas of the roof to determine just what shape they are in, whether they have any problems, or if they have any potential problems. Another great feature of getting a roof inspection is that it can help you determine just how much life is left in the shingles on your home.

A Roof Inspection in Canton Michigan Can Certainly Help You, Here's How

The Roof Inspection Process

When getting a roof inspection on your home there are key areas that are looked at. When you call to get a roof inspection a qualified roofing professional will come to your home. Here are some of the things that the roof inspection process will cover:

  • A visit to the attic of the home. The roofing professional will examine the roof decking from below looking for signs of leaking or mold.
  • One the exterior of the home’s roof the roofer will examine the roof shingles on the entire surface of the roof. They will also check for adhesion between shingles which can be a sign of a failing roof system.
  • At the lower portion of the roof the roofing professional will check for roof ice dam protection and gutters as well.
  • Once the entire roofing surface is completely inspected the roofing professional will then inspect any valleys and ridges for problems.
  • The roofing inspector will also look at any roof penetrations on the home. These are items such as skylights, chimneys, or plumbing ventilation pipes. The seals on these items are carefully inspected as they are a common area for a roof leak to occur.

Once the roofing inspection is completed the roofing professional will consult with you about the results of the inspection. If there are problems on the roof, they may also offer roof repair or roof replacement services as well.

Are You Considering a Roof Replacement?

If you’re considering a roof replacement for your home getting roof inspection can really help as well. Sometimes, eager roofing contractors will attempt to sell you a new roof when you may only need roof repair. Having a roof inspection done on your home can help you better understand if a completely new roof is actually required.

Finding Potential Problems on the Roof

One of the biggest advantages of getting a roof inspection on your home is that it can find potential problems. These problems may not be a leak at the moment of the roof inspection but shows signs of failure soon which could result in a roof leak. Once a home’s roof starts leaking it will almost always cause some type of damage to the inside of the home. Finding these potential problems and getting them repaired before a roof leak starts can save you money by preventing damages from the roof leak.

Get an Annual Roof Inspection for Better Results

In order to make sure your roof remains in great shape it’s always best to get an annual roof inspection on your home. Need a roof inspection in Canton Michigan today? Be sure to call Twelve Oaks Roofing at (248) 525-6950 to set up an appointment.

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