Recovering or Reroofing for a New Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan – You Decide

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Roofs don’t last forever. Between environmental factors and the weather, they just get worn down over time. This can cause leaks, cracks, and other damage to your roof that could lead to worse problems if ignored. You do have options when you get to this point, but they should be closely considered so that you can be sure you are making the right decision. There are many things to consider when getting a new roof in Ann Arbor Michigan but here is one of the biggest.

Recovering or Reroofing for a New Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan – You Decide

If the wear and tear is more or less isolated to a specific area or areas, you may not have to fully replace your roof in Ann Arbor Michigan as long as there isn’t underlying damage within the structure of your roof. You can just repair these areas by having those places recovered. If the damage is too widespread, a full re-roofing will need to be done, where the old roof is removed and a new roof installed. You may want to consider both options and the good and bad that come with them.

Recovering or Reroofing for a New Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan – You Decide

Recovering Pros

At the basis of everything, recovering can save you money. If you are able to just make repairs and do some minor recovering in places, you will save money in the short term and you will be able to still have a healthy roof. You also will save time with a recovering job as they are only correction a portion of your roof rather than the entire roof.

A contractor doesn’t have to remove the existing roof and underlying, nor do they have to replace any of the sheathing under the roof, making it a quicker and less costly job. You don’t have to pay for as much labor and you save on the cost of materials. Another added bonus is keeping the underlying material of your roof from being exposed to the elements that a reroofing has the potential to do.

Cons of Recovering Your Roof

If you opt to recover areas that are worn on your roof, you are risking not seeing if there is any damage present below the surface. Saving the money that this would cost is great, but you run the chance that damages are missed and can get worse by being ignored. A recovered area may be better protected from additional exposure, but any existing damages can weaken your roof.

If you are adding a second ‘roof’ onto areas of your home, you are putting added stress on those spots, potentially weakening the structure of your roof. Most roofs are built in a way where a light second layer won’t cause damage, but you need to be sure your contractor has properly assessed your roof to be sure it is strong enough to uphold this additional layer of roofing materials.

Reroofing Pros

While a full roof replacement is a big job, it can provide so many benefits to your home. For starters, you know that your entire roof is structurally sound and the whole thing is starting fresh. Everything matches across the roof and there’s no patchwork that makes your roof an eyesore.

Reroofing your home also lets contractors inspect the internal workings of your roof structure. If there are underlying damages that couldn’t be seen, these can also be repaired, improving the health of your home. Also, the added weight of the existing roof is removed so you can be sure that your new roof is sturdy and secure.

Cons of Reroofing Your Home

The most common downside to a reroofing is the cost of the investment. By removing your entire old roof and installing a brand new one, you have additional material costs and more labor to pay for. This adds up and costs more than recovering your existing roof. The job will also take longer to complete since it is quite the undertaking.

Get a Quote For Both

When you really want to compare the two methods of roof installation in Ann Arbor Michigan it’s best to get a quote for each. At A2 Roofing, they offer free quotes on roofing projects and can recover or reroof your home quickly. Call them today to get started at 734-548-9915.

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