Key Upgrades You Should Consider for Your Roofing in Canton Michigan

Roofing in Canton MI

Has the roof on your home failed and started to leak? When a roof leak occurs on a home it can cause all sorts of damage to the interior of the home. Many times, home owners will opt to get a new roof installed at the first sign of a roof leak. If you’re roof has been leaking and you’re considering getting a new roof in Canton Michigan be sure to check out these upgrades for a new roof that can really make a difference in your roofing project.?

Key Upgrades You Should Consider for Your Roofing in Canton Michigan

When you opt for a new roof in Canton Michigan you may be wondering how can you upgrade the look and energy efficiency of my home using this roofing project? Well upgrading part or all of your roof is a great way to start. Low maintenance gutters, chimney caps, new vents and flashing are all wonderful options! These ideas are cost effective in the short term but have long term benefits as well. More than the aesthetic appeal of your home, these improvements and upgrades to your roof can reduce energy bills and increase the value of your home overall.

Key Upgrades You Should Consider for Your Roofing in Canton Michigan

These can?t really help my energy bills, can they?

Let?s start with the ventilation and flashing. By increasing the ventilation capacity of your attic, you reduce the heat buildup and allow for more efficient cooling in the summer. Well what about the winter, the right vent will not dissipate so much heat that you loose too much in the winter, so the benefits are year-round. Plus, inadequate ventilation can cause problems such as mold growth in the attic and premature aging of the roofing materials.

Flashing can help prevent the buildup of ice in the winter and will save you from unnecessary damage to your roof. ?What is a chimney cap do besides the obvious? By preventing or limiting the amount of ventilation through your chimney, you can better maintain the temperature of your home. Talk to your local contractor about your needs, because chimney caps come with a variety of options and can largely depend on what kind of fireplace you have.

Well what about the gutters?

Cleaning out gutters can be both dangerous and time consuming. By using one of the many gutter protection devices on the market, you may never have to spend the time or risk yourself to clean them again! If you are thinking to yourself; I only clean them once a year it?s not that bad. Consider what will happen if they clog, break, or become a block of ice. Not a pretty thought. Again, your local contractor in Canton Michigan can provide you with an array of options and professionally install them preventing an untimely disaster.

When should this be done?

These upgrades should be considered when getting a new roof, or better yet when you are willing to commit to saving yourself time and money. The longer you wait, the harder your air-conditioner and furnace are working to maintain the temperature of your home and costing you more. Ask your contractor about the best time of year to do this, and the answer will more than likely be ?now? because the sooner the better.

Thinking about doing it yourself?

Save yourself the headache and hire someone to do the work for you. Falling off a latter, roof, or chimney is a sure ticket to the hospital or even worse. Even if you feel confident in your ability to work on the roof, if you install something incorrectly not only do you lose the potential benefits but can cause far greater problems to your home. the appearance of your home is a major concern, so why not let the professionals in Canton Michigan do it, they have the tools and expertise to do the job right the first time and make it look good too.

Call the professional roofing contractors in Canton Michigan today to get a roof inspection done. All Point Construction is a fully qualified and licensed roofing contractor that offers free estimates on roofing projects in the Canton Michigan area. Call them today to schedule your appointment and talk with one of their roofing experts by calling (734) 407-7110

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