Is Getting a New Roof Installed in Ann Arbor Michigan Really Worth It?

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A new roof on your home can have many benefits. However, when many homeowners hear the costs that are associated with getting a new roof they often are a bit taken back. A new roof installed on your home can cost thousands of dollars and many homeowners decide to delay the new roof install based on price alone. But when you get a new roof in Ann Arbor Michigan many times the benefits can help to offset the costs. Not only that, but if you delay too long when you need a new roof you could end up with thousands of dollars in damages to your home from a roof leak. Here are some of the advantages of getting a new roof installed and how it can help your home.

Is Getting a New Roof Installed in Ann Arbor Michigan Really Worth It?

There are many different options that can affect the cost of a new roof. The roofing materials that are used is usually the biggest choice when it comes to price. The other options that can affect price is the method of roof installation. Installing a roof over your old roof can cut costs down dramatically but may have some other disadvantages. You may also qualify for financing which can help pay for your roofing over time which can be beneficial especially if you choose a roofing material that is high in energy efficiency. With that being said, here are some common questions that homeowners need to ask their roofing contractor for better clarification on the costs of a new roof installation in Ann Arbor Michigan:

Is Getting a New Roof Installed in Ann Arbor Michigan Really Worth It?

Will the New Roof Help with Energy Efficiency?

With newer roofing materials made today you have the choice of getting a more energy efficient roof. Typically, roofing manufacturers will market their roofing systems which are more energy efficient. These roofing systems include many of the roofing components which include underlayment, the roofing materials themselves, and other roofing components. As a system, these roofs perform very well for energy efficiency. Ask your contractor about the energy efficiency of the roof you want installed on your home. You can enjoy an energy savings each and every month after the new roof is installed.

Will the New Roof Add Peace of Mind?

Is your current roof failing? Are you constantly worried about each and every storm that rolls through the area? Whether your roof will hold up or not? If this sounds like you, then getting a new roof installed on your home can give you peace of mind. Not having to worry about whether your roof will start leaking each time it rains is certainly a benefit.

Will the New Roof Add Curb Appeal for Your Home?

Has the roof on your home started to leak before and you have gotten roof repairs done? Sometimes as the roof ages it may need roof repairs which can leave the roof looking a bit like patchwork which can certainly be unsightly. Having a new roof installed on your home can increase the curb appeal of your home dramatically if this is the case. Even if your current roof looks okay, getting a new roof may increase curb appeal which can increase the overall value of your home.

What Warranty is Included with the New Roof?

Having peace of mind knowing the roof on your home is strong enough to withstand the harsh Michigan weather, you can also have the peace of mind of a warranty for a new roof. Roofing systems today have an inclusive warranty which can last from 15 to over 45 years.

How Much Return on Your Investment Will you Get?

When it comes to making the choice about getting a new roof or not on your home the first thing you’ll need to consider is what will happen if you don’t. Will there be roof leaks which can lead to all sorts of damage to the home or will it hold up. One thing you’ll also need to weigh is the return you’ll get by installing a new roof. Enjoying some of the benefits of getting a new roof installed we’ve mentioned above can be quantified monetarily.

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