Here’s Why DIY Roofing in Canton Michigan is Such a Bad Idea

Need a New Roof in Canton Michigan Consider These Roofing Materials

There are many places where you can get all sorts of information on roofing and DIY style projects. From the televisions shows where they teach you tips and tricks to the numerous videos on popular video sites online. Today, getting details about home improvement projects such as roofing is easy, but it’s not a good idea to take on some home improvement projects and roofing is one of those projects. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to do your own roofing and it’s not only for your safety but also making sure your roof is done correctly. Hiring a roofing contractor to do the roofing work is always a better idea which we’ll list the reasons below:

Here’s Why DIY Roofing in Canton Michigan is Such a Bad Idea

There are many projects that a home owner can do that can make their home look better and function more to their liking. One of the best feelings of home ownership is doing something to your home that increases it’s value and makes the home more to your liking. From painting that room to adding flooring which makes the room look amazing. These DIY projects can be great but for items such as exterior home improvements it’s always best to leave it to the experts. One of the biggest reasons is that when there is a bad installation of the components such as roofing or siding it’s not just that component which can be damaged. A leaking roof can lead to all sorts of water damage to your home. And improper installation of roof ventiliation can lead to mold growth inside your home that may not show up until months later. Don’t take changes with exterior home improvement projects and always use a fully qualified home improvement contractor in Canton Michigan.

Here's Why DIY Roofing in Canton Michigan is Such a Bad Idea

Risk of Serious Injury or Death

For exterior home improvement projects it’s always best to get a qualified contractor or else you can damage areas on the interior of the home if something goes wrong. But for roofing the threat of falling from the roof is also a concern. A fall from the roof of your home can seriously injure or even kill you and should not be attempted. Even for simple roof inspections it’s best to call a qualified contractor who has the proper safety equipment and experience for going on to the roof. Even for professionals it’s a very dangerous job and one of the highest rated dangerous jobs today.

Warranty Not Being Honored

One of the biggest problems that most people never consider when doing their own roof repairs or installing the roofing for themselves is just how it will affect the warranty on the roof. If you have a 25 year warranty on your roof and it’s not installed correctly, the chances of it being honored is not likely. Even if the roof was properly installed by qualified roofers, if roof repairs are not done to factory certified standards and procedures the warranty on the entire roof may be void. Protect your roofing warranty and only use qualified roofing professionals.

Missing Underlying Problems

Having an experienced roofer install your new roof or make roof repairs to your home means they will be able to determine if there are any underlying problems. Roof decking is commonly replaced when a new roof is installed at least partially. Other components such as roof boots or ventilation may be failing as well. Having an experienced roofer will be more likely to catch these problems.

Roofing May Not Be Installed in a Timely Manner

Most fully licensed roofing contractors in Canton Michigan will install a new roof in just a few days. Some roofing contractors may also install the new roof in just a single day depending on the size of your home. When you attempt to do it yourself the time frame for installing the new roof can be lengthy. Removing the roof from your home exposes it to all sorts of damage if there is weather that happens. It is certainly a risk to take more than a few days to install a new roof on your home.

Always Use a Fully Licensed Contractor in Canton Michigan

When you need roofing repairs or a new roof installed on your Canton Michigan home be sure to always use a fully licensed and qualified roofer. Twelve Oaks Roofing is one of the top roofers in Canton Michigan and they can install your new roof in just a single day for most home. Call them today to get a free estimate on your new roof at 734-525-6950

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