Has Your Roofing in Canton Michigan Been Damaged By a Tree? Here’s What To Do

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Storms can do a lot of damage to the roof of your home. Severe storms can happen at any time of year and all pose some type of threat to your home’s roof. From ice in the winter to hail stones in the summer of the year. Usually with these severe storms come high winds and when that happens, it usually means branches of trees and the trees themselves falling on homes which can damage the roof. Calling a roofer in Canton Michigan to repair the damage  is a must but there are other things that you may want to do. Here are the steps you should take when you have damage from a fallen tree or branch on your home’s roof.

Has Your Roofing in Canton Michigan Been Damaged By a Tree? Here’s What To Do

When your yard has a lot of trees there’s always a chance that a limb from that tree or the tree itself can fall. Some trees are more easily damaged by storms and high winds and you should survey your yard for these threats. Trimming trees and making sure any branches that may fall on your roof is cleared away is important. Many times during the spring of the year, pruning trees is a great way to help protect your roof from a situation such as this. However, if your home has been damaged by a fallen tree, here are some things that you should do.

Has Your Roofing in Canton Michigan Been Damaged By a Tree? Here's What To Do

Safety First

Making sure your family is safe is first and foremost. Homes and roofing can be replaced but family can’t. If there is a fallen tree on your home don’t take chances by removing items from under the area. Although the tree can be firmly braced on the home it may shift and fall again. You certainly don’t want to be under it or under structural components of your home if they start to fall. The damage may have caused electrical damage to and your home may be at risk of fire. Getting help as quickly as possible is important. And if there are any injuries make sure to call emergency services if needed.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

When it comes  to damage on your roof it’s important to move quickly. The longer a roof is damaged the more damage the home may have from it. If you have insurance on your home be sure to contact the insurance agent so that a claim can be started quickly. Many agents will be readily available during severe storms for customers and can help get your roof back to normal quickly.

Assess the Damage and Take Pictures

Once the storm has passed and you’re safe you can assess the damage you can look at the damage and you should also take pictures of the damage. Many insurance agents will want images of the damage before any work was done on the home. Taking pictures will also help later in case they are needed by the insurance companies.

Call a Qualified Roofer for Temporary Barriers

Many times during a severe storm there may be days of bad weather. And if your roof has been damaged by a tree falling on it or a branch, it’s best no to take matters into your own hands. Call a qualified roofing contractor in Canton Michigan such as Twelve Oaks Roofing for roof repairs and to place temporary barriers.

Have the Tree Removed

Once you have contacted a roofing contractor in Canton Michigan to place temporary barriers you’ll need to contact a tree removal service to remove the tree from your home. This is a very dangerous task and should only be done by professionals. Call a tree removal company to have the tree removed then you can get the roof repaired.

Have the Roof Repaired

Many times the roof that was damaged by trees falling or a branch can be repaired in just that area. Having the entire roof inspected after the tree is removed is important because you may need a completely new roof installed. Other times you may just need repairs to your existing roof. The best way to determine is by getting a roof inspection by a professional roofer such as Twelve Oaks Roofing. Keep their number handy (248-525-6950) in case you need it later.

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