Don’t Attempt Your Own Roof Repairs in Canton Michigan. Here’s Why

Don't Attempt Your Own Roof Repairs in Canton Michigan. Here's Why

Does your home have a roof leak in Canton Michigan? While a small roof leak may not seem like much of a problem it can quickly get out of hand if you delay getting a roof repair done. Not only that but if you decide to repair the roof yourself you may be causing much more damage to the roof and your home. Do it yourself roof repairs is a bad idea that can end up costing your big. Here are some of the reasons why you should only hire a professional roofing contractor for roof repairs on your home.

Don’t Attempt Your Own Roof Repairs in Canton Michigan. Here’s Why

With the economy the way it is after the virus everyone is a little cautious when it comes to spending money and saving money. And since so many people are still at home many home owners tend to think the best way to save money is with do it yourself projects around the home. While some do it yourself projects may be a good idea, when it comes to the roofing on your home it’s always best to leave it to a professional. Here’s why we think so.

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Anytime you go onto the roof of your home you put yourself at risk. Roofing is a dangerous job and many accidents happen each year in the profession. This includes professional roofers who may also fall or experience an accident as well. Professional roofers will have proper safety equipment and know how to walk and inspect roofing as well. We don’t advise going on your roof at all. A fall from your home’s roof can be fatal. It’s simply not worth the risk in terms of your health but it can also cost more in roof repairs as well. Here’s why…

You Should Not Walk on the Roof

There are specific places on your roof that you should walk. It’s best to walk where rafters are present or on the ridgelines themselves as long as there isn’t ridge vent present. Walking on any of these areas can cause problems. Also if you’re a bit overweight, walking in areas between rafters can cause your roof to look wavy and nails pull away from rafters. The only way to repair this is to remove the roof and re-fasten or reinstall the roof decking. If your roof has weak spots you can also fall through the roof at these areas as well. Walking on the shingles themselves may not cause problems but if you turn while stepping on shingles you’ll likely break them or at very least scrub away granules from the roof shingles which end up making the shingle fail prematurely.

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Clearing the Roof With Rakes or Brushes

Many home owners don’t like when debris or snow piles up on the roof. While debris that remains on your roof for extended amounts of time can be problematic from time to time there will be debris on the roof. One thing you should do however is take rakes and scrub away at the roof to remove this debris. Soft bristle brushes may be okay but rakes that contact shingles can break them or at very least scrub away the granules from the shingles on the roof.

Cleaning the Roof with Pressure Washing

Another popular way of clearing or cleaning the roof is to use a pressure washer on the roof. This is a bad idea and can lead to all sorts of problems. Your roof is designed to provide protection from rain, snow, ice, etc. and those problems simply fall onto the roof. Pressure washing can strip away the granules from the roof and end up causing even more roofing problems.

Don’t Pull Shingles to Inspect Them

When shingles are installed on your roof they go through a process in which they seal to the shingle beneath them. This seal helps to hold the shingles down which can help prevent wind damage. Lifting up the shingles and looking at what’s underneath can cause problems and end up causing a roof leak.

Always Get a Professional Roofer to Inspect or Repair Your Home’s Roof

It’s best not to attempt any type of do it yourself roof repairs on your home. Instead, call a professional roofer such as Twelve Oaks Roofing. They are fully licensed and qualified and offers free quotes on roof repairs or roof replacements. Call them today at 248-525-6950

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