5 Reasons You May Have a Roof Leak in Canton Michigan

5 Reasons You May Have a Roof Leak in Canton Michigan

A roof leak on your can put you into panic mode. Every bit of water that leaks into your home from the roof leak will likely cause some type of damage. The damage from a roof leak can be minor and simply a small stain on your ceiling or it can be much worse. The reasons why your roof may be leaking is usually related to the weather but there are all sorts of problems that can occur on your home’s roof. Here are some common reasons why you may have a roof leak on your home and how a roofing contractor in Canton Michigan may go about repairing the roof.

5 Reasons You May Have a Roof Leak in Canton Michigan

Having a roof leak on your home can be frustrating. Not only can it cost you more money in repairs due to water damage but it can also cause mold to grow in your home. Making sure you don’t delay when you do have a roof leak is important. The longer you delay when you have a roof leak the more damage can be done to your home. Be sure to consider these reasons why your roof may be leaking.

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Flashing Problems

If you have a roof that has many angles and slopes it can have lots of areas that have flashing installed. Flashing is usually a metal barrier that is used where the roofing surface meets a wall. Sometimes this flashing can start to deteriorate and allow water to leak under the shingles surface. The seal where the flashing meets the wall may also start to peel away and allow water the go behind the flashing.

Plumbing Pipes Leaking

On the backside of your home you will likely have several pipes which protrude the roofing surface. There may be a few pipes or if you have a lot of bathrooms in your home there may be many pipes that protrude the roof. Each of these pipes have a roof boot surrounding them. A roof boot is made from rubber, plastic and metal and is designed to seal the area around the pipe. Sometimes the rubber seal can crack which allows water in enter the attic around the plumbing pipe. Usually the roof boot is visibly damaged and can be seen easily when damaged or cracked.

Gutter or Ice Dam Problems

Does the gutters on your home need attention? Sometimes when the gutters on your home are clogged it can cause water to back up onto the roof of your home. When this water backs up onto the roof it can get under shingles and cause a roof leak. It can also lead to a problem known as a roof ice dam. A roof ice dam happens in the winter months and can cause a lot of damage over a widespread area on your roof and home. Typically, most of the damage will be on the eaves of the home.

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Skylights and Chimneys Leaking

Any component on the roof the is exposed can have a roof leak problem. Skylights and chimneys are two areas which can cause roof leaks. Usually the seal around these components is the problem and many times the roof leak can be repaired by simply resealing around them.

Broken or Missing Shingles

While there are many problems that can occur on the roof the biggest components on the roof is the shingles themselves. Usually the shingles on your roof will be the biggest problem when it comes to weather damage. Because shingles can be blown away and broken away from the roof it is a source of damage many times. The best way to determine if your roof is leaking because of shingles missing or broken is to do a simple roof inspection on your home. Look for signs of missing and broken shingles. If you notice any type of problems or discolorations be sure to get a roofer out to make a full roof inspection on your home.

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If you think that your home may have a problem with the roof it’s best to get a full roof inspection done by a professional roofer. Be sure to call Twelve Oaks Roofing today at (248) 525-6950 for a free quote on roofing services in Canton Michigan.

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