5 Points to Consider When Getting a New Roof in Canton Michigan

15 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement in Canton, Michigan

Getting a new roof installed on your home can help to protect your home for many years to come. In fact, some roofing systems today last as much as 50 years before they need to be replaced. When getting a new roof in Canton Michigan there are some things you’ll want to consider which can mean the difference between a roof that last a few decades as opposed to a roof that only lasts a few years. We’ll cover some of the factors that you’ll want to consider in this post.

5 Points to Consider When Getting a New Roof in Canton Michigan

A roof leak can occur at any time. Most of the time a roof leak will show itself after a major storm but there are many reasons that can cause a roof to leak. It’s important to realize that when a roof starts to leak it can lead to all sorts of damage to the interior of the home. The longer the roof leak is going on the more damage that can occur in the home. And if your home has a roof leak be sure to consider these points before getting a new roof installed on your Canton Michigan home.

Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

The Age of Your Roof Will Play a Factor

As the roof on your home gets older it will start to break down more and more. This is especially true with asphalt shingle roofing. Most asphalt shingle roofing will last from 15 to 25 years. After it reaches a certain point it will start to break down and be more susceptible to damage. The shingles will become more brittle and break more easily. They will also lose adhesion to the shingles below them making them more easily damaged by wind. If the roof on your home is older than 15 years old it’s a good chance that you need a new roof installed on your home.

Always Use a Fully Licensed Roofer in Canton Michigan

Most roofing that is installed today is part of a roofing system in which warranties are issued. These warranties will vary depending on the product manufacturer and the quality of the roofing being installed. Higher quality materials will have longer warranties and some can last as much as 40 years. However, in order to take advantage of this warranty, the roof will need to be installed correctly by a licensed and qualified roofing contractor in Canton Michigan. If not, your warranty could be void from the start leaving you without any type of warranty.

Look for Signs of Problems on the Roof

Sometimes the roof will have signs of problems long before a roof leak occurs. Because most roofs installed today have underlayment that is designed to help protect the home from damage when there is a problem on the roof, damage can happen weeks or months before a roof leak occurs. Taking a quick look at your home’s roof from time to time can help locate these problems and get them repaired before they damage an area on the inside of your home. Although we don’t recommend going on your home’s roof you can look at the roof from the ground and see many of the problems that may happen on the roof.

Tear Off or Roof Over for the New Roof in Canton Michigan?

Choosing a method for the new roof to be installed is almost important. When you want to save money on the roof installation you can get a roof over which means a new roof is installed over the old roof of the home. This can save money as the old roofing materials are left in place and a new layer of shingles are applied to the top of the home’s roof. While a tear-off roof project will have all the roofing materials removed and then a new roof installed. Both will leave your home with a  new roof however there are advantages and disadvantages to each. It’s best to talk with a qualified roofing contractor in Canton Michigan about your specific needs.

Do You Really Need a New Roof?

One way to determine just what you need for your home is to get a full roof inspection of the home. A qualified roofer will inspect the roof and determine what is needed for the replacement. Be sure to call All Point Construction today to get a roof inspection on your Canton Michigan home. Call 734-407-7110 for more details.

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